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Mobil Access Control

A safer workplace starts at the door. Automate security procedures and enforce compliance with Openpath’s touchless access control capabilities and best-in-class safety features, enhanced by our strategic partnerships and integrations.

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Touchless Access

Wave to unlock: touchless access control or use the mobile application to unlock the door. The solution is fully integrated with your locking system.


Enforce wellness verification

Daily health and symptom attestations are the most common and often the most cost-effective way for companies to implement a symptom check-in for anyone entering the workplace.


Temperature screening


Streamlining fever detection at the door. As thermal scanning and temperature screening technology improves and becomes more prevalent in workplaces around the world.


Contactless elevator integrations

Ensuring a safe work environment is key to the success of any organization. When putting together a health and safety plan for your facility, adhering to governmental compliance requirements and reducing liability are a top priority

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A safer way to access your building

Door access methods, such as keypads or biometric readers, and door handles are some of the most commonly touched surfaces in any building. When it comes to returning to work safely, eliminating the need to make contact with those common touchpoints upon entry creates a more hygienic environment for everyone. 

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Mobile-Enabled, Cloud Managed

frictionless access control

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